Time of demolition and time of building

Another day began for Mrs Agata, just like any other, like all others.

Sleepily sliding a cold and dry foot from beneath the covers,

Without rubbing her eyes even.

With hypnotised movements, she reached for a box

Which called to her with colour and shape.

Lighting a cigarette with a dance-like movement,

She skipped to the kitchen to make some coffee.

So as not to waste as much as a second.

In this pre-choreographed, almost virtuoso

Sequence she visited the bathroom and walked the dog.

Even the wind was unable to keep up

And untangle her wrinkles, still warm from sleep

The multi-storey indifference with which she looks at

People passing by, busy with their own affairs.

Biting cold, damp shoes,

Uncomfortable buses, in which it seemed

She sensed nothing

A grey face, set in thought like a block of ice

Calculating the days to come

Gulps of grey smoke between eternity

And temporality

12 hours of work needs only coffee and cigarettes

She said we are sailing on one raft

Half-submerged in a bog

The only difference is that I am responsible for us

I am steering, I am fixing the holes

Which are now piling up.

Evening conversations, coffee and cigarettes

Pro-educational advertising slogans

Discussions about homosexuality

In-vitro fertilisation, about Him,

About Her, about Him, About Her,

About Us – virtual presence

More grey smoke to swallow,

Minutes, hours.

Come evening, she dyed her hair.


Inspired by a poem I have written at the age of 15.

Translated from polish by Marek Kazmierski.

Thank you!

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