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Hand-finished archival pigment ink print on Hahnemühle German Etching paper with deckled edges
84cm x 69cm
Signed and numbered edition of 80

Empathy for Beginners is part of the ‘I Only Want Everything’ series which is a wry comment on the twenty-first-century culture of ‘on demand’ materialism. Deeply self-aware - and a more than a little satirical - Amelia’s meta pieces remind us to pause, look up, and enjoy the beauty of art, life, and our colourful surroundings. A journey of self-discovery; questioning the participatory, fast-paced, performative world we live in right now, overloaded with information and ideas of exceptionalism, where it is easier to be lost in the stream than to be your own person. Each painting in this series is representing a different emotional state, an identity crisis. How do we satisfy that craving, when in our essence, we are 99.9% empty space?.

Empathy for Beginners

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