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Law of attraction

Fine art Limited edition inkjet print hand-finished

with acrylic paint and oil pastel.
Signed and numbered edition of 70.
Printed on Somerset Velvet 330gsm paper with deckled edges.
Certificate of authenticity on request.



** please note: each print is hand coloured - therefore each print is unique. 



"Law of Attraction" print notes. / Notatki do grafiki "Prawo przyciągania"

Let fantasy become your reality. Reinvention is possible in every
moment of every day, limits disappearing into the endless horizon, “no
ceiling to your growth”, she said.
Every morning drips with a hope, like rain, a grey prelude to the
light. My works, my visual amulets, filled with hope and energy for
all that is to come.
Visualisation, an instinct, something I’ve used to contemplate and
flourish through difficult times, long before any formal or more
two-dimensional learning.
Manifestations, tokens of the future and the past, taking on such
simplistic forms as that of a scrap of paper tacked to a wall, remain
as symbols, omens, carrying the same weight as gold.

Text Marcelina amelia edited by Shaun Hume




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