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Archival pigment ink print on Somerset Velvet 330gsm paper hand finished with acrylic paint with hand-torn deckled edges.

90cm x 64.75cm

Signed and numbered edition of 80.

Each print is hand coloured - therefore each print is unique.


Drawing from my personal experiences of migration, the saying 'Straw From The Shoes Protrudes’ is from an old Polish proverb which means that one can always see that a person comes from a village and therefore has no refinement or culture.  In my painting I draw from this pejorative saying and flip it into a statement of empowerment.  In this uncertain world driven by prejudice, sexism and racism it is crucial to celebrate our differences, to spread messages of love and peace and equality for all.  This is perfectly illustrated by the famous quote by civil and women’s rights activist Fannie Lou Hammer ’Nobody’s free until everybody’s free’.


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