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Archival pigment ink print on Somerset Velvet 330gsm paper hand finished with acrylic paint with hand torn deckled edges.
90cm x 64.75cm
Signed and numbered edition of 80.
Each print is hand coloured - therefore each print is unique.


Inspired by life events; often cloudy memories from my upbringing in Poland and slavic “witchery”, superstitions and proverbs. 
In the 'old days' the world was explained in myths and legends and pagan superstitions have intermingled with Christian customs and believing in superstitions in Poland is still quite common and diverse.
This piece is a talisman for those searching for personal healing and artistic inspiration. Equipped with tools such as red ribbon (which aims to drive away evil spirits) and the charms (such as bad eyesight and bad luck) and an egg (which was placed underneath my cot when I was a baby) which the subject holds in order to remove the bad charm.  


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